AsiaX Magazine Cover Feature

With a history and background that does not stand out from every other individual, how did this young leader manage to reach his current place?

“It is all about grabbing onto opportunities presented to you and taking a leap of faith. Everything changed for me when I jumped aboard the wave that Will Group was riding, and it brought me to Good Job Creations in Singapore. I never once looked back.” Kimiya admitted that the move from Japan Headquarters to the then small entity in a foreign country was not an easy decision.

The experience, however, has been an eye-opener and fulfilling, even if the journey is not smooth sailing. Kimiya acknowledged that he is learning something new every day, especially when he took on a leadership role that oversees local employees.

“It is about finding the right balance; what practices should I retain that has been traditional in a Japanese firm, and what new practices should I adopt. I am constantly battling to find that right balance.”

Taking on the Managing Director role at such a young age meant receiving support but also needing to deal with the backlash. Some people tend not to take a young leader seriously, expressing doubt and citing inexperience while others see him as a pillar of inspiration – to challenge themselves to reach their own seemingly impossible goals.

Kimiya encourages young aspiring leaders to challenge tough situations head-on as he believes that “what does not manage to bring you down will make you stronger”.

–    Kimiya Shibazaki feature is in AsiaX’s July issue. Read the article here and watch the short clip here.
* Both the article and video are available only in Japanese.