Don’t get chucked aside immediately: how to write an appealing resume or cover letter

Up till now, we’ve talked a lot about interviews, but to apply these skills, your resume and cover letter have to first make the cut. So how do you use words to convince your potential employers to shortlist you? Here are seven quick writing tips!


  1. Craft a holistic narrative.

Your experience can come in many forms. Highlight not only your professional but also academic and social accomplishments.


  1. Quantify your credentials.

Don’t just list your results and achievements. Show facts and figures, and how it impacts who you are.


  1. Fit into the company.

Research and understand the company values. Show how you will approach particular situations through the lens of these values.


  1. Appeal directly.

Look at the job description carefully and reuse the keywords that express what your employers are looking out for.


  1. Be concise.

The average attention span of humans is getting shorter. Keep to the essential points.


  1. Proofread.

Small mistakes could ruin your chances. Check for grammar, formatting, repetitive words, and spelling. Make sure especially that you write exclusively in American OR British English!


  1. Be honest.

Portray yourself as an appealing candidate, but make sure what you write is factual. Dishonesty will come back and bite you!


Tailoring your resume and cover letter specifically for each job will definitely require extra time and effort, but it will also yield higher chances of success – even if that means you can only manage fewer applications. We hope these tips have been helpful for you, and all the best in your applications!

Written by Rose and Charis