Good Job Creations’ efforts during this COVID-19 Circuit Breaker

Thank you for your continuous support of Good Job Creations.

As the representative of the firm, I would like to address our countermeasures and to share our solidarity in this trying time.

The Circuit Breaker implemented on 7th April to minimise the further spread of COVID-19 has brought about uneasiness and restlessness. This global pandemic also caused a substantial impact on many businesses and the uncertainty of this unprecedented situation. It also troubles me that this continuous exposure to negative media may cause psychological distress to many.

Without exception, I am also busy with the multitudes of correspondence, and there are days where I feel that I cannot see beyond this darkness. Good Job Creations has also received many requests for the temporary suspension of support.

In our firm, every individual has his or her circumstances and reacts differently in the time of a crisis. I recognise the difficulty to come up with policies and countermeasures that can meet every individual’s satisfaction. With this unprecedented crisis and the ever-changing situation, we are finding ways to ease the worries of our members.

We need to stay calm, consume only the facts, to understand the situation better and to come up with the next steps. For example, the Singapore Government is continuously coming up with grants and subsidiary schemes for businesses. As such, even the smallest of hope can always be found in the darkest of times.

Regardless, we will continue our daily operations and provide support in any form. We will do our utmost and support any of your concerns; be it on recruitment, workforce reduction, welfare & benefits any other personnel affairs. Despite the current situation, we can assure you that there are many ongoing interviews in the form of video interviews and other methods.

I have conveyed the seriousness of the current circumstances and sought the support of my members not to feel defeated but to be proactive in their work. We will continue with any planned recruitment and training remotely while preparing for when the market picks-up.

Fortunately, our team of 50 members have yet to have a single case of infection, but we will continue to comply with the regulations set by the Government strictly and exercise social responsibility.  In the meantime, Good Job Creations will continue to provide the same full support to every client and candidate.

I am very grateful for your continuous support and hope we can all do our part to overcome this crisis together.

With best regards,

Good Job Creations (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Managing Director, Kimiya Shibazaki