[Interview] GJC reached out to job seekers in the heartlands of Singapore

Good Job Creations (GJC) partook in our very first recruitment drive in the heartlands aimed to support the career matching for mature workers. Held at Boon Lay Community Centre on July 18th, the event Heartland Jobs and Social Support is a joint partnership of NTUC and e2i initiatives on a nationwide scale to bring job accessibility and digital skills opportunities to vulnerable groups of job seekers.

I spoke with our members who have participated in the event, and they have eagerly shared their reflections and observations pre, during and post-event. Right after the interview, Good Job Creations has affirmed our participation on August 1st & 8th and look forward to contributing to the social support to fellow Singaporeans!


Tell me more about the event and what how Good Job Creations (GJC) got involved. 

Joshua: The event is called Heartland Jobs and Social Support and was held at Boon Lay Community Centre. It is meant to reach out to the vulnerable groups of job seekers such as the mature workers who might require support and access to online job opportunities. 

In my 13 years in recruitment, I have had many opportunities to speak with various experienced candidates. And the common lament was that they have rich experience to contribute, but for many, the lack of digitalisation skills kept them behind the playing field. 

I feel deeply about supporting this group of fellow Singaporeans and decided that besides supporting our mature candidates, GJC can extend our support out to the community as well. I wrote to our Ministers, and there were very supportive of our request and invited us to the event, and upcoming recruitment drives across the island and in different phases. There were five Guests of Honour (GOH) who attended and interacted with the attendees, namely: Minister Desmond Lee, Minister Iswaran, MP Ang Wei Neng, MP Foo Mee Har and MP Patrick Tay. We are honoured to be the only Employment Agency being invited to grace the occasion. 


What do you think GJC brought to the table (event) for the attendees? 

Elaine LSE: Most of the participating companies are mainly hiring for permanent positions, GJC as a recruitment firm with an extensive portfolio of functions across different industries, was able to provide more options to the attendees, with the choice of temporary/contractual and permanent opportunities. For attendees who were unable to find any suitable roles on site, they left their details with us so that our consultants can reach out to them upon a new fitting vacancy. 


What did you expect from the event before going in, and what are your thoughts post-event? 

Gabriel: As it is a recruitment drive in the heartlands, I was expecting a handful of companies present. I am heartened to see seven companies, including GJC, reaching out to the mature workers in the neighbourhood. From my observations and conversations with the crowd, I understand that many of them are in their 50s. Overall, it was a positive and eye-opening experience for GJC. We are grateful for the chance to extend our reach into the heartlands of Singapore and also to work on initiatives on a nationwide scale. 


Which elements of the event did you like most? Please share a bit more about it. 

Sibyl: Through this event, we had the opportunity to reach out to and assist even more job seekers that are generally less familiar with technology and online tools to access more job opportunities. Some of the participants were skilled workers that matched the portfolio of what our clients were looking for. It was also great to have the chance to bring our brand out to the heartlands of Singapore and to work with e2i and NTUC. 


How was the atmosphere like at the event? 

Mike: The atmosphere was very energetic and bright, especially when the Ministers and MPs came by and interacted with everyone. The attendees were actively interacting with all the booths and personnel at the event, and it was great to listen to different perspectives and experiences. Most importantly, the event was organised with safety measures in place, and all of us could participate without any anxiety. 


Did you have any interesting conversations with any of the attendees?

Iris: I had the pleasure of speaking to one attendee who shared his story and journey of him setting up a company after the SARS period, his perspectives on changing of employment, AI, the transformation of the business model and how Singaporeans should adapt to these changes. He added that he had tried his best to provide employment opportunities for the past few years, yet due to the outbreak of COVID-19, he too had to seek employment as well. 

His emotions, positivity and sheer determination were felt throughout our conversation. Despite all the struggles and obstacles, he went through, he never stopped. He represents the spirit of how Singapore fights through hardship, and we all should believe that we could get through together.


What are your thoughts on the event? Are you keen to participate in one of such events in the future?

Sinnie: Most of the attendees are mature workers, but they were filled with positive energy throughout the event. Regardless of the weather and the queue due to the extra safety measure, everyone was patient and orderly. Yes, definitely! It was great to contribute as a team to make this event a success. 


What impact do you see this event has not only on GJC but also on the attendees?

Kane: GJC was able to reach out to the more vulnerable groups of job seekers – we bring the service to them instead of making them seek us out. The physical interaction and conversation gave them more assurance on seeking support and guidance. 


What are the numbers for the event? 

Bowie: I believe that an estimated 200 attendees turned up for the event that day, and we managed to speak to and offer opportunities to at least 45 of them.


What was your role during the event, and what are the safety measures for COVID-19 during the event?

Leonard: I participated as a photographer; to capture the precious moments and interactions during the event. The safety measures implemented at our booth included the 1-metre distancing between chairs for the participants to wait in to speak to our consultants. There was also a plastic panel installed between the participant and our consultant for additional safeguarding. 


What is one thing you observed during the event that stuck out to you or surprised you the most?

Kenta: The one thing that stood out to me during the event was the number of people that turned up. Also, my current role as a Business Development Executive means that I interact mostly with our clients, so it is a rare opportunity to connect with job seekers.  I was also pleasantly surprised that the Ministers and MPs graced and supported the event, spoke not only to organisers but to all the attendees and companies. Thank you for letting us attend this fruitful event!


As the Managing Director of GJC and also a participant at Heartland Jobs and Social Support @ Boon Lay CC, what are your final thoughts about GJC’s participation in this event and future events?

Shibazaki: It is an excellent opportunity for our members to be on the ground, to understand better and experience the current market situation. In a more profound insight, participation in the event brought us an even stronger sense of awareness of the bond between us, recruitment professionals and the society. We will keep participating in such activities. We are committed to having a more significant and positive impact on the market and community as we continue to expand our business. 


Written by Rose

Interviewed Members: Shibazaki (Managing Director), Joshua, Gabriel, Mike, Kenta, Sinnie, Sibyl, Iris, Elaine LSE, Bowie, Kane and Leonard

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