How to prepare for that nerve-racking job interview?

Employers are looking out for something specific when they conduct an interview. You need to ensure that you word your answer in a structured manner. Straight to the point, relevant and notable. You want to give a positive lasting impression.

• It is always ideal to treat every interview as your very first. You will have the right motivation to do as much preparation as possible.

• Have the “Study hard to excel” attitude. Research and understand extensively of the company before the interview. If possible, try to find out more about the interviewers (it is always good to know their personality as well as working experience before meeting them). LinkedIn is a useful platform.

• Prepare approximately five questions to ask during the interview. It is to express genuine interest and seriousness in wanting the role. Questions should be relevant to the job scope, expectations of the position, about the company structure, and such. Do note that some questions may be sensitive and hence the need to phrase your sentences carefully.

• Plan your route down to the interview location and estimate the time duration. The last thing you want is to have difficulty locating the office. Do give yourself an additional 20 to 30 minutes for unforeseen traffic conditions or problems in finding the venue.

• Invest in a proper set of fitting formal outfit.

The first impression is likely made in the first thirty seconds. You do not want to give a negative impression to the interviewer before you even get a chance to share about your impressive work experience!

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Written by Gabriel