Special Video about Gen Z and time management with Zia Xin

Discussions about Gen Z (born in 1997 and 2012) have garnered attention, and most are somehow negative. Comments such as social media addicts, loud, overly emotional, lazy, and taking life too easy have been circling the internet and in the conversations of the older generation. These labels become identifiers to label Gen Z.

It takes acceptance, listening, and trying to find ways to encourage collaboration between multigenerational individuals. In this video interview, Zia Xin, a recruitment consultant of the Banking and Finance portfolio, shares her concept of time management as a young individual in the workplace. 

She offers three easy tips that she adopts daily to manage all her tasks effectively and efficiently. Despite comments and sayings about the younger generation not utilising their time well, give them a chance and see how they do it.

Take what resonates with you.