Special Video on Adapting with Keika Aoki

Adapting in an unknown environment is challenging. Change is part of life. Whether it’s a working environment or migrating to a new country, it will require one’s adaptability skill. For some adapting comes in naturally, but adaptability is a natural skill that anyone can develop and mastered overtime.

Meet Kay Aoki, who grew up in the US, UK and Sweden; over a decade later, she and her family moved back to Japan, where she completed her education. Then, off she moved to sunny Singapore to start her first career in Recruitment—talk about an adventurous spirit! All that happened 3.5 years ago; today, she’s a Business Development Team Leader, leading a team of her own in the service industry.

Next week, we will be releasing Keika’s full #VoicesOf… podcast, where she recounts her experiences as a foreigner navigating through the countries she has lived in and restarting life all over again. She also recalls the challenges she has faced and how she overcame them, how she still holds her Japanese roots close to her heart, and tips and advice on how to build on the skill of #adaptability.