The Importance of Interviews

In most companies, the Human Resources Department handles the initial stages of recruitment. Interviews allow both potential employers and employees to decide if the individual’s skills and character align with the firm’s needs and culture.

While it is a common belief that interviewees should prepare extensively for a work interview, HR should not be easing off on preparations. After all, HR is responsible for vetting and identifying the most potential.

Interviews are when you gather helpful knowledge about a potential colleague that you cannot get out of one’s resume.

You do not want your company to lose a potential talent because you came across as unprofessional or lack the proper etiquette and knowledge that an HR personnel should possess. The first impression is significant, and HR is likely the first point of contact for the interviewee and serves as a representative of the firm.

Recruiting a suitable candidate is vital to the success of the company. Preparation is crucial, and so is an unbiased comparison of candidates. It would be best to prepare a set of standard must-have questions, read through the resume thoroughly, and note down additional questions for every individual. It is also good to be aware of the different and unusual queries that interviewees ask!

Written by Rose
Corporate Communications Lead

Edited: 12 April 2022

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