There is no better way to bring your team together than through cooking.

Singapore, August 7, 2019 – Team bonding activity is a great way to improve both communication and cooperation, which are incredibly crucial in ensuring the success of a consulting firm like Good Job Creations.

As such, Good Job Creations has organised a team bonding activity, in collaboration with CulinaryOn. With our theme of “Beyond the Plate”, we hope that our members walked away with not just their stomachs full, but their hearts as well.

CulinaryOn’s team bonding activity had a series of fun-filled activities, ranging from an ice-cream show to a whisk and risk dessert challenge.

All were done to promote cohesiveness and cooperation within the teams.

It was an unforgettable event, and we look forward to more of such activities in years to come.


Article by Bao Yanling

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