Announcement: Scam Alert!

Good Job Creations (GJC) is aware that people are being contacted with fake messages or job offers of employment from individuals and organisations claiming to represent GJC. GJC’s name and logo have been used on the documentation without authority. Fraud messages and emails may seem realistic and could be mistaken as the truth. If the message is suspicious or the job offer appears too good to be true, it is likely a scam. The tactics used by scammers are constantly evolving. We urge everyone to be cautious and stay vigilant!

What steps can I take to protect myself against scams?
– Singapore smartphone users can download ScamShield (, an anti-scam product developed by the National Crime Prevention Council and Open Government Products
– Do not respond to text messages and calls from unknown numbers
– Do not click on any external links from unknown contacts
– Never give away personal or financial information until you can confirm that individual’s identity
– Never transfer money to people you do not know or have not met
– Job offers will only be made after you have gone through an interview process
– Cross-check with our employee database on our website and the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Employment Agencies Directory
– If you’re unsure about whether the job or user who reached out to you is legitimate, contact us directly by call (6258 8051) or email (

What should I do if I receive a suspicious email or message?
– File a report directly to the Singapore Police Force or ScamShield
– Inform GJC personnel by call (6258 8051) or email (

You may also read Good Job Creations’ data privacy statement here on how we handle personal data.