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I’m very impressed with the services by Good Job Creations. Tan Ying is extremely patient with all my requests, trying her best to provide as many candidates for selection. I place my trust in her professionalism and swift hiring process. We would continue to engage her services for any future posts.

Good Job Creations has a great team with great knowledge of the market and have placed some great candidates with the business. They managed to deliver a selection of high calibre candidates in a timely manner for a variety of roles.

Good Job Creations is a reliable recruitment company with a wide base of candidates from different industry. We have been using their service since June 2017 and they are able to provide the right candidates that meet our requirements. We hope to continue to work with them to meet our recruitment needs.

Quick and efficient, the consultants in GJC make an effort to understand the requirements of the roles thoroughly and are able to provide resumes of suitable and high caliber candidates to us within a short period of time. We could feel that the consultant is truly concerned and sincere in helping us to find a suitable candidate to meet our business needs rather than just rushing to close a business. 

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  • 3 Strategies on How to build a Holistic Team

    Bridging the gap in your team requires hard work. This article outlines three strategies for building a holistic team, focusing on interpersonal dynamics, energy management, and decision-making skills. It highlights the benefits of team diversity, rituals for managing energy levels effectively, and techniques for improving your decision-making process. 6-minute read By Destiny Goh Communication and […]

  • 3 Strategies to Embrace Flaws for Personal and Professional Growth 

    Most of us struggle to accept our flaws. However, embracing them would aid our personal and professional growth. Meet Rebecca, a Consultant at Good Job Creations specialising in the Construction and Engineering portfolio. In this short interview, Rebecca shares 3 strategies to embrace flaws. They consist of self-awareness, setting realistic goals, and keeping tabs on […]

  • 6 Tips For Smarter Negotiation Of Salary & Fair Compensation

    The complexities of the Singapore job market today should never intimidate you from negotiating a fair salary and compensation. Anyone who contributes work of value increasing a business’ revenue should be fairly compensated and it can be done through careful evaluation of the company you choose to be in and understanding who you’re dealing with. Be […]

  • A Father’s Unconditional Love

    Our fellow working fathers in GJC were interviewed to find out their perspective of a father’s unconditional love. 1. Do you feel the workplace is supportive of working fathers? If yes, what makes it supportive, and how does it affect how you work? Gabriel Chua: Our workplace culture is very supportive of its working parents. […]

  • Fun and casual Career Workshop collaboration with NUS JSS

    Singapore, March 7, 2019 – An image of career workshop is often rigid and boring, but here at Good Job Creations’, we firmly believe that it is possible to integrate fun into a knowledge gaining event. Good Job Creations aim to be the bridge between one’s passion and career. The purpose of the workshop was […]

  • A Gen Z’s perspective of bridging generational barriers

    YouTube | Spotify | Google Podcast Maybe there are some things we can relearn from the younger generation–rethinking resilience and learning from your experiences through organic growth.  Transcript of Podcast: [00:00:00] DESTINY: Hello, my name is Destiny, and this is GJC’s podcast. As Asians, we have unspoken rules, traditions, and beliefs that were passed down […]

  • A Glimpse Inside A Mother’s Heart

    On this Mother’s Day, we want to take some time out to celebrate all the amazing mothers around the world. It is no secret that most women assume multiple roles once stepping into motherhood and still manage to get things done as they exhibit excellence at work and home. Today, we were granted an opportunity […]

  • Twist on tradition at NTU Japanese Cultural Festival 2019

    Singapore, February 19, 2019 – 2019 has only just started, and it has already been fulfilling with a multitude of collaborations and discoveries. In an effort to spread the love of Japanese culture, tradition and language, we were invited by NTU’s Japanese Appreciation Club to join their annual Japanese Cultural Festival. We decided to put […]

  • Adaptability: a 3-step survival guide you need

    Getting out of your comfort zone can be daunting and exciting; it’s the adrenaline rush and the fear of uncertainty of not knowing what awaits you. Some might come up with a conclusion to say the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but the idea isn’t in the conclusion drawn. It’s what you […]

  • [The programme is closed] An honour to be appointed SGUnited Jobs and Skills (SGUJS) Placement Partner

    Good Job Creations (GJC) is honoured to be appointed SGUnited Jobs and Skills (SGUJS) Placement Partner under SGUJS Placement Partners Initiative. We seek to give back to the community by carving out pathways to give Singaporeans equal opportunities.

  • An Insider’s Perspective on Professional Growth 

    YouTube | Spotify | Google Podcast Transcript of podcast: Destiny: Welcome to GJC’s podcast, I’m your host Destiny Goh. We just rang in the year 2024, and now a month has passed, how time flies! In 2023, I’m sure we all had our fair share of growth, challenges, both good and bad times, but the […]

  • Annoucement: Scam Alert 

    We want to bring to your attention an unfortunate development that recently surfaced. Some candidates engaging with Good Job Creations (Singapore) Pte Ltd have reported receiving fraudulent job offers that falsely claim affiliation with Good Job Creations (Singapore) Pte Ltd or misuse our brand identity via the social media platform Telegram. We encourage everyone to […]

  • Announcement: Scam Alert!

    Scam Alert! What should you do to protect yourself against scams, and what to do if you receive a suspicious email or message?

  • AsiaX Magazine Cover Feature

    With a history and background that does not stand out from every other individual, how did this young leader manage to reach his current place? “It is all about grabbing onto opportunities presented to you and taking a leap of faith. Everything changed for me when I jumped aboard the wave that Will Group was […]

  • Bridging the Generational Divide: 3 Practical Strategies

    by Destiny Goh A perspective of the generational divide By 2030, Gen Z (1997 – 2012) will make up a third of the workforce, taking over leadership and paving the way for the next generation. Progressive, bright, and vocal, they keep the older generation on their toes, ready for another debate or discussion.   Like most […]

  • GJC Leaders crafting the future at Business Planning Camp

    Singapore, December 16, 2019 – The young leaders of Good Job Creations had a productive and insightful Business Planning Camp over the weekend. A casual and neutral environment aided in peeling away the layers of formality and tenseness for the sharing session. It was an intense day where thoughts, ideas, concerns, goals, advice and action plans were […]

  • Celebrate & Connect 2018

    Singapore, December 17, 2018 – Celebrate & Connect 2018, our Annual Networking and Appreciation event creates space and opportunity for like-minded HR professionals from different industries to connect. So, a question you might wonder, what do a recruiter from an agency and an HR personnel have in common? To summarize, both fields recognize the importance […]

  • Collaboration with NTU & NUS – Western Japan Dialect and Culture

    Singapore, January 30, 2019 – We started 2019 with various event collaborations, and the two biggest ones are tied to our effort to spread the love for Western Japan. It might come as a surprise to some, but most of our Japanese colleagues do not come from Tokyo. A majority of them come from Kansai, […]

  • Collaboration with NUS JSS – Nagoya | Kansai Dialect and Culture

    Singapore, September 20, 2019 – Did you know that Toyota, one of Japan’s leading car manufacturer, has its headquarters in Nagoya? In collaboration with NUS Japanese Studies Society (JSS), Good Job Creations organised a Japanese Dialects and Culture workshop to introduce Nagoya and its culture, as well as to recap on the Kansai dialect, to […]

  • Consistency: A transformative key for professional growth

    Goal setting vs. resolutions–it’s that time of the year again, Kento Joko, who’s in Business Development, shared in a chat. Here, he offers insights into the power of consistency, setting measurable goals and how habits play a crucial role in achieving what we desire. He also talks about how having others onboard your journey keeps […]

  • Don’t get chucked aside immediately: how to write an appealing resume or cover letter

    Up till now, we’ve talked a lot about interviews, but to apply these skills, your resume and cover letter have to first make the cut. So how do you use words to convince your potential employers to shortlist you? Here are seven quick writing tips!   Craft a holistic narrative. Your experience can come in […]

  • Embracing Flaws for Personal and Professional Growth

    YouTube | Spotify | Google Podcast Transcript of podcast: Destiny: Welcome to GJC’s podcast, I’m your host Destiny Goh. In an era where speed, skill, and scope greatly matter, everyone seems to anticipate the next big thing. Whether it’s technology, software, or service, they want to know what it can do for them and then […]

  • Emotional Intelligence: it starts from within

    Most would say emotional intelligence is being in tune with their emotions—recognising their strengths and weaknesses, what makes them tick—or think it’s simply being ‘nice’ to others. Though not entirely wrong, what’s missing is the relationships with others and their social environment.  In any working institution, emotional intelligence is the foundation of all relationships, and […]

  • Emotional Quotient in a Special Video with Gabriel Tan

    Everyone understands the importance of Emotional Quotient (EQ) otherwise known as Emotional Intelligence (EI). Since young, our parents have always stressed the consequences of a low Emotional Quotient. Gearing up toward episode 7 of #VoicesOf, we thought we’d preview our topic of the month: Emotional Intelligence. An ex-banker turn Sr. Consultant, Tan Gabriel, shares the importance […]

  • Excellence: The Beginning Of It All

    In my previous article of this series, I wrote about Grit vs Talent: What’s The Difference and Why Does It Matter? has unravelled what sets apart high achievers and their counterparts and how they exude excellence effortlessly. In this article, I would like to explain that although we’re all gifted with different talents, born with […]

  • Fake Letter from MOM

    The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is cautioning all to be aware of any content or letter with doubtful content regardless of the presence of an official MOM logo and the State Crest.

  • Feedback: Why you should ask for it

    Feedback is critical to one’s professional growth and development. It raises awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, extending opportunities for areas you can improve or capitalise on. Learn the differences and see how it impacts your ability to succeed. Before Alex Berger became one of Hollywood’s successful television writers, he understood it was a winner-take-all […]

  • Foreign Workforce Quota in Services Sector to be cut

    Singapore – It was announced during the Singapore Budget 2019 that there would be a tightening of the Foreign Workforce Quota. The announcement came a year early to give firms enough time to prepare ahead for the change. The Dependency Ratio Ceiling (DRC) will only apply to companies with existing employees that exceed the new […]

  • Future-proof Your Career with Reskilling: Important 4 key skills

    Accelerated globalisation has brought forth modern technological constructions, and more are underway; retrenchment practices will continue due to restructuring, reorganisation, and downsizing. The idea is to remain relevant and competitive wherever you are, and by reskilling with these four sought-after skills like (1) data analytics, (2) artificial intelligence, (3) environmental & sustainability management and (4) critical […]

  • #VoicesOf… Gabriel Tan: Emotional Intelligence in the Marketplace

    Catch a sneak peek here: or stream the full episode on: YouTube | Spotify |Google Podcast An ex-banker turn Consultant, Tan Gabriel, shares the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and why it matters in a people-first industry. Destiny Goh: Welcome back to episode six of #VoicesOf. My name is Destiny, and joining me today is […]

  • Good Job Creations and ONE PIECE…who would have thought?

    Singapore, December 14, 2018 – Good Job Creations may have just introduced our Contract & Staffing team earlier this year, but we have been honoured to be entrusted with many significant projects. An ongoing project that we are thrilled to handle is the ONE PIECE exhibition and Puzzle Hunt escape game in Sentosa. The former […]

  • Good Job Creations’ Corporate Video is Out!

    Singapore, April 17, 2020 – Last November, the members of Good Job Creations spent a few afternoons downstairs our office in Clarke Quay filming various scenes of our members around the area. After a few bouts of video-editing and reviewing, we are proud to announce that Good Job Creations now has its very own corporate video, […]

  • Good Job Creations’ efforts during this COVID-19 Circuit Breaker

    Thank you for your continuous support of Good Job Creations. As the representative of the firm, I would like to address our countermeasures and to share our solidarity in this trying time. The Circuit Breaker implemented on 7th April to minimise the further spread of COVID-19 has brought about uneasiness and restlessness. This global pandemic […]

  • GJC First Event Collaboration with Bunka Language School

    Good Job Creations (GJC) held its very first event collaboration with Bunka (Japanese) Language School on 22nd September.

  • Good Job Creations’ Mascot Jay comes on-LINE with Stickers!

    Singapore, January 28, 2020 – 2019 was an eventful year, where Good Job Creations came together with NUS JSS and NTU JAC on several occasions to explore the Japanese language and culture together. To end the year with a blast, Good Job Creations held a Sticker Design Competition for the two student clubs to generate […]

  • GJC participated in First-Ever Offline Event as a Sponsor

    As part of ongoing efforts to gain public awareness, Good Job Creations was a sponsor for the event, "JAPAN RAIL CAFE presents Tokyo Summer Park".

  • Grit vs Talent: What’s The Difference And Why Does It Matter?

    At times, exceptional performances at the workplace leave some wondering whether it’s a matter of talent or grit. The article series on Grit will unravel how high achievers succeed and why they stay successful, with part one helping you understand what true passion and perseverance can do for you.   Many will recognize talent from […]

  • [Interview] GJC reached out to job seekers in the heartlands of Singapore

    Good Job Creations (GJC) partook in our very first recruitment drive in the heartlands aimed to support the career matching for mature workers. Held at Boon Lay Community Centre on July 18th, the event Heartland Jobs and Social Support is a joint partnership of NTUC and e2i initiatives on a nationwide scale to bring job […]

  • How to Embrace Imperfections for Growth: 3 Beneficial Takeaways

    by Destiny Goh  Imperfections are often seen as the chink in the armour, an Achilles heel that most people won’t broadcast in the workplace. But imperfections can be powerful when it’s transformed—by embracing them. But do not confuse your imperfections as your stumbling block, rather, an indicator for improvement.  You can’t improve what you don’t […]

  • How to expertly handle Conflict Management and Resolution

    This article spotlights three leaders at Good Job Creations who discuss the type of conflicts they encounter and how they manage and resolve them. 6-minute read by Destiny Goh. Take a quiz to see your conflict management style here. According to a study by CPP Global, the average person spends nearly three hours each week dealing with […]

  • How to perform well on the actual day of the interview?

    Being well-prepared is just half the battle won. The other half comes when you enter the battlefield knowing what to expect, the strategies to win and to ace it.

  • How to prepare for that nerve-racking job interview?

    Employers are looking out for something specific when they conduct an interview. You need to ensure that you word your answer in a structured manner.

  • If looks could kill, don’t let it be in an interview: dressing right to meet your potential employers

    When we get called for interviews, we instinctively know we have to dress up in proper “formal business attire”, but especially if you’re a first-timer, you might be wondering, what exactly does that mean, and how does it look like? Here are some general pointers you can take note of!     Colour It’s best […]

  • Importance of open conversations about mental health in the workplace

    Sometimes when we talk about health, we forget that it is not just about blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol levels, and the likes. Mental health is equally important, but there is not enough awareness and open conversations surrounding the topic. Far too often, such discussions are considered sensitive or even taboo in some societies, and the […]

  • Important Announcement – We are moving!

    Singapore, February 06, 2020 – We are sad to be leaving Clarke Quay, but sometimes change is good. We will be moving on 14 February 2020. Please update your records with our new address. You will find us at: 238A Thomson Road #12-08/10 Novena Square Tower A Singapore 307684 Our contact number will remain as +65 […]

  • [Interview] Critical Thinking in the Workplace – Training Course

    Good Job Creations (GJC) sent some senior members to a Critical Thinking course, held virtually over two weeks.  I reached out to the managers who had handpicked their members to attend the training, their reasons and future considerations. The members who had the opportunity to participate in the course also shared their thoughts, expectations and takeaway points. 

  • Kick off to FY 2020

    Singapore, April 9, 2019 – Good Job Creations’ annual Financial Year (FY) 2020 Kick-off Meeting was held on April 8th, 2019. It was an opportunity for the Management and each Team representative to share the many milestones passed in the last FY and achievement of desired objectives. Activity does not equate to progress, and therefore […]

  • Make Time for Productive Work

    The hustle culture has sparked quite a debate among people who need to slot in activities throughout their day to feel productive—that doing more makes them one step ahead of the rest. And then, some people think a work-life balance ought to be a priority, calling hustling culture toxic. There’s beauty in working hard but […]

  • Mindset: the starting point for change

    The mind is the powerhouse that shapes your entire being. However, a mindset is just a belief that can easily be replaced. This article unravels the difference between a growth and fixed mindset and what it does to and for you. You decide whether you choose a fixed mindset where everything’s set in stone or […]

  • New Year, Better Me

    The right choices coupled with a subtle mindset shift and deconstructing macro-goals can bring about significant changes, promoting a better version of yourself this year.

  • Notice: GJC’s WFH notice

    Our daily operations will continue. Please reach us via our mobile, emails or Skype.

  • Skillfully ace an interview with Recruiters’ 4 expert tips

    Interviews serve as a platform for the employer to evaluate the applicant’s suitability for an organisation. We offer deeper insights into why researching the company, highlighting relevant skills, asking thoughtful questions and refining your storytelling skills can help you stand out in an interview.  Our senior consultants Karalgash, Victoria, and Wai Chun, along with consultants […]

  • So Good They Can’t Ignore You— Craftsmen Journey To Great Careers

    “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin. What sets the highly successful and the mediocre ones apart are their mindset and what they do with their time. Take a dive into the mind of a craftsman–the ones who work strive to be so good, […]

  • Special Video about Gen Z and time management with Zia Xin

    Discussions about Gen Z (born in 1997 and 2012) have garnered attention, and most are somehow negative. Comments such as social media addicts, loud, overly emotional, lazy, and taking life too easy have been circling the internet and in the conversations of the older generation. These labels become identifiers to label Gen Z. It takes acceptance, […]

  • Special Video on Adapting with Keika Aoki

    Adapting in an unknown environment is challenging. Change is part of life. Whether it’s a working environment or migrating to a new country, it will require one’s adaptability skill. For some adapting comes in naturally, but adaptability is a natural skill that anyone can develop and mastered overtime. Meet Kay Aoki, who grew up in the […]

  • The Greatest Salesman

    Salespeople are the kind of people everyone wants to avoid. It’s almost as if you can smell their intentions from a mile away. It’s so easy to stereotype them but think about it, aren’t we all salespeople in our way? Whether you work in education, labs, entertainment and so on, you’re selling ideas and suggestions […]

  • The Importance of Interviews

    In most companies, the Human Resources Department handles the initial stages of recruitment. Interviews provide an opportunity for both potential employer and employee to decide if the individual's skills and character align with the firm's needs and culture.

  • There is no better way to bring your team together than through cooking.

    Singapore, August 7, 2019 – Team bonding activity is a great way to improve both communication and cooperation, which are incredibly crucial in ensuring the success of a consulting firm like Good Job Creations. As such, Good Job Creations has organised a team bonding activity, in collaboration with CulinaryOn. With our theme of “Beyond the […]

  • Tips to ace that phone or video interview!

  • #Voicesof… Ayumu Matsuki: An Effective Leaders’ Guide

    My name is Ayumu, and I joined this company three years ago as a fresh graduate. I’m currently a Business Development Team Lead handling the Manufacturing portfolio. I am responsible for client handling and making sure my team performs to their utmost excellence. I have been with the company for three years, and I hope […]

  • #Voicesof…Elaine Lim: Redefining Sales & Managing People

    Despite a thriving decade-long career at the bank, Elaine Lim made a bold career switch into Recruitment with a passion for helping people find meaning in their jobs. Seventeen years later, now in a Managerial post handling three different portfolios, she’s still actively impacting the lives of those she encounters.   1. Why did you […]

  • #Voicesof.. Joshua Woo: Leading With Passion

    My name is Joshua, General Manager for Oriental Aviation International & Good Job Creations Staffing Team. Presently, I oversee four teams across GJC and OAI. I joined this company in 2018 as a Team Leader. I make it my daily priority to maintain good communication with our stakeholders, building new relationships and garnering new ones. […]

  • #Voicesof…Keika-san: Adaptability in the unknown

    Catch a sneak peek here: or stream the full episode on: YouTube | Spotify | Google Podcast Japanese-born Keika Aoki, shares about moving and adapting in the unknown environment outside of her homeland. Japanese version of the podcast transcript Transcript of Podcast: [00:00:00] Destiny: You’re listening to GJC’s podcast. I’m your host, Destiny Goh. Getting […]

  • #Voicesof… Kimiya Shibazaki: Going Above & Beyond

    1. Can you describe your typical week on the job? In a typical work week, I attend about 15-20 internal meetings back and forth between two companies under my leadership and Will Group Japan. On top of that, I also have regular meetings with our external parties consisting of vendors, suppliers and clients. Next are […]

  • #Voicesof… Liu San Li: An Ex-Private Banker & Investment Specialist’ Perspective

    Previously a banker of 10 years, San Li has held positions such as a private banker, investment advisor and stockbroker at Coutts, Citibank, DBS and more. He left banking in 2005 and pursued a career as a specialist recruiter for the Banking and Finance sector. Having direct banking and recruitment experiences allowed him to see […]

  • Welcome, Jay! Good Job Creations’ new mascot character!

    Welcome, Jay! Good Job Creations’ new mascot character! Singapore, December 07, 2018 – 2018 has been a fantastic year for Good Job Creations (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. We have gone through a change of management, new talents coming aboard our team and tried out many new internal operations and ideas. Throughout all these trials, we have […]

  • What do you say when your interviewers ask if you have any questions?

    We have already established in a previous article that preparing for an interview includes planning for the questions you would like to ask your interviewer. But how exactly do you go about that? What should you ask or not ask? Here are some examples to help you get started! We hope that you now have […]

  • Your Thinking: Changing the Impossible

    It’s undeniable that intelligence, talent, and ability have long defined what makes successful people tick. But there is something else far greater: their ability to rethink and unlearn what they value and make up most of their identity. Once challenged, doubt often leads to curiosity and the discovery of new knowledge. Grant, organisational psychologist and […]